Thursday, April 9, 2015


To replace the loss of Olive, we purchased a Chocolate Orpington.  We named her Birdy (after my Aunt Bird).  Not knowing it at the time, we soon discovered she was a bantam and not a large fowl.  This created tension that never really resolved within the flock... because she was small, but I think also because she was a single new girl and the current girls in the flock were still teenagers.  Again, live and learn... now I know!  She was fun and easy to handle, but didn't make it through the summer.  On one particularly hot day, she stayed up in the coop, afraid to come down for some water and died from what I believe was a heat stroke.  Sorry Birdy; we miss you!

Birdy trying to make friends with Nelly and Gerdie... what a process!
Birdy, enjoying the pool

Birdy... along with Miss May, Gerdie, Nelly, Penny, Opal @ 15 weeks old


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