Thursday, April 9, 2015


At the same time that we added chickens to our lives, we (I) decided I wanted to live a little more of a sustainable and self-sufficient life... so we built garden beds.  Well, we didn't build them, but we hired someone to build them for us.  He was a great little handyman, fun to talk to, a new dad who lit up when talking about his baby boy.  Everything was going well until one evening when he was working on the third and final raised bed after dark, and cut across his hand with the Skil saw.  I was sitting at the computer and all of the sudden there was a panicked banging on the back door and I saw him standing the shirtless, with his shirt wrapped around his hand saying he had cut his hand.  I called 911, got some towels and sat with him to calm him down.  There was a lot of blood... I mean A LOT!  The ambulance took him away to the hospital and I spent the next couple hours hosing off blood stains.  He had surgery later that week and was out of commission for quite some time.  A friend helped us finish the garden bed, and my boys shoveled the dirt to fill it and before long we had a lush looking and lovely garden growing.  We got a late start that first year, but better late than never.  We certainly enjoyed its bounty and look forward to an even greater bounty this year.

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