Sunday, April 10, 2016

All good things bear repeating

and so I repeat (both in word and in deed)

Oops... I did it again.

Maybe this time I should say,
                                     Ooooooopps... I did it AGAIN!

So last time I introduced you to my 3 Marans and 1 Ameraucana; Ella, Etta, Bessie & Billie...
                                     (They are doing great, by the way.)

This time, I am happy to introduce to you their brooder mates.

We (perhaps I should say, "I" but "we" sounds so much less incriminating) have added 3 Salmon Faverolles and 2 Easter Eggers.

The Salmon's are Chenille, Chiffon and Chambray. :-)

I think Chiffon (center) thought I said, "The Chiffons."
She looks like she's about to "Do the Locomotion."
♬ ♬ ♪ ♪♬ ♪ ♪

Next are the Easter Eggers, Caramel & Truffle.

Easter Eggers are a mix breed chicken designed to lay colored eggs (anywhere on the spectrum between blue, blue-green to olive green.)  These will likely lay blue eggs, because they were sold as Ameraucana chickens (a breed that lays blue eggs)... but they are clearly NOT Ameraucanas.  I knew that as soon as I saw them, and was OK with getting Easter Eggers because I want to add more colors to my egg varieties... but I feel bad for people who don't know the difference (which apparently includes this particular hatchery.)

Just to show you the difference, here is a picture of the two new Easter Eggers next to the one true Ameraucana I have.  Clearly, they are not the same breed.  I was hoping to get Billie Holiday a couple of like-breed friends, but that just isn't the way it worked out.

One of these things is not like to other...

All of these newbies are breeds that will develop puffy cheeks and beards, so that will add some visual variety to the flock as well.

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